Production Activity Data

The existing machinery of the company is as follows:

  • Proprietary Trucks
  • Crane
  • Automatic Weighbridge
  • Clark
  • Battery Shredder
  • Latest Technology Rotary Furnace
  • Plastic Crusher
  • Small Shot Complete Complex
  • Small Shot Packing Area

In the production process the company uses, as raw materials, used car batteries and other lead materials.

The production process of the business comprises of 3 stages:

1) Main line of Lead Production
Battery boxes, after weighing upon receipt, are placed in the crusher and moved by the conveyor belt through to the separation process where the core is separated from the plastic part. After that, the inside of the battery receives additional treatment and gets ready to be casted in the rotary furnace to produce the end product.
2) Processing of Plastics
The plastic part is moved to the washing area and then is cut in smaller pieces. The pieces get dried up and packaged and they are ready for sale.
3) Small Shot Production
A part of the lead that is produced by the rotary furnace is forwarded to the Small Shot Production Area where the formation of the shots takes place by casting the molten lead alloy in a well with an approximate depth of 70m. The last stage of the process is to grind the shots as to sort them by size and package them into product bags.