Evros Lead S.A. Environmental Policy

EVROS LEAD SA, because of its object is a company that cares for the environment, since it deals with the recycling of lead from car batteries.

The main concern of the company, therefore, is not to burden the environment with its waste during processing.

To achieve this goal, EVROS LEAD SA has implemented an Environmental Management System which has been certified according to ISO 14001:2004 and EMAS Regulation of the EU.

The Environmental Policy of the company to ensure the Protection of the Environment is based on the following principles:

  • Takes measures to protect the environment by complying with the environmental legislation and environmental conditions.
  • Implements Environmental Management System to its all activities of the production process.
  • Determines Objects and Purposes of Environmental Interventions.
  • Evaluates and improves the overall environmental performance in developing and implementing Action Plans to achieve specific environmental objectives and targets, and always in a specified period of implementation.
  • Adopts specific rules for environmental controls in its internal production process.
  • Improves overall environmental behavior in particular on the Prevention of Pollution of the environment and addressing Emergency Risk.
  • Applies a continual education and staff awareness of environmental issues.
  • Promotes open dialogue and public information in a spirit of sincere and mutual respect.
  • Establishes the concept of ecological sensitivity and environmental vision, which inspires the highest hierarchical level in the entire pyramid of employees in the company.

The Environmental Manager ensures that the documented procedures of the Environmental Management System are fully understood by the entire workforce of the company, applied and enforced at all levels of the organizational structure and all stages of production.
The CEO, together with the executives of the company, commit on the one hand, to pay constant attention to the full and effective implementation of Environmental Management System, and on the other hand, to provide all necessary means for continuous and uninterrupted operation and continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System.

    ISO 14001 Certificate